About VSC

VisionSpot Consulting, LLC

Who are we?

VisionSpot Consulting,LLC (VSC) is a privately held firm established in 1998 on a “Mission Possible” philosophy that is built on solid principles for chartering the strength of operational effectiveness, leadership and the growth of human potential for Fortune 100-500 companies and Non – Profits. Whether educating leaders how to create intrapreneurs within their organization, providing operational development or strategic management and advising services we apply innovative techniques that show you “HOW” to turn business and personal development obstacles into opportunities by eliminating barriers to success.



Valerie D.W. Rowe, MA
Principle, CEO


Tonya L. Haynes
Process Improvement Specialist


Katherine Ziegler, PhD
Co-Facilitator and Coach


Lela D. Dennis
Strategic Business Consultant


Anthony James
Managing Director,
Young Professionals
Leadership Academy

Capt. Brent Burton
Young Professionals
Diversity and
Inclusion Strategies

J. Eldridge Taylor
Customer Service and System Integration Specialist

What we are known for?

"We transform business and people productivity
results from ordinary to extraordinary making
the workplace as good as its promise.SM"

We are very effective at helping our clients resolve challenges surrounding their people, process, performance and technology infrastructures. Providing a comprehensive portfolio of services aimed at improving operational efficiency  to transfer vision into action to further advance strategic goals and objectives. BOOSTing people and business potential for building a sustainable, performance-oriented culture within an organization.

Our BOOST CAMP's® are not designed for regimenting behavior, but rather as a mobilizer for REACHING HIGHER.

What makes us unique?

VSC is a unique breed in the training and development arena. We are the only mobile institution with a national reach, that creates an entrepreneurial framework from executive level to line level within organization's by focusing primarily on the strengths, attributes and talents of each participant. We incorporate the advancement of those values in a custom designed curriculum that:

  • Powers personal potential
  • Brings out hidden talents
  • Challenges old patterns of behavior
  • Endorses inclusion in diverse cultures
  • Promotes integrity and a devotion to duty at every level
  • Permeate vision and passion with purpose and execution
  • Align people to strategic goals and business priorities
  • Improves performance and increases results individually and as a team

BOOST CAMP® is not designed for regimenting behavior, but rather as a mobilizing language for RISING HIGHER.

Add the final piece to your training and
development initiative with VSC WORLDWIDE!

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How we do it?

We help professionals like yourself and companies like yours save money and experience an increase in quality through an array of customized courses, public workshops and seminars that teach leaders and their teams how to transform an ordinary day at work into and extraordinary day at work with and through others.sm

We do this by evaluating each engagement thoroughly assessing your business, ensuring there is alignment between the goals of the company, it's management and processes. To ensure we succeed, strategies for appraisal, review and measurement has been infused within each service delivered. As a result, our signature BOOST CAMP’s® are designed and tailored to your needs, and we implement your tailored curriculum through our very popular mobile professional training and development programs WORLDWIDE.We also go the extra mile by working closely with our clients to create a vision, mission and plan of execution that can be measured until the desired result is achieved and embedded within the culture.

What do we believe?

"You must first envision the impossible before you can achieve the unbelievable ---
Your Mission is Possible!
Valerie D. W. Rowe

Why should you partner with us?

You should choose VSC because we deliver results; our consultants are intelligent, hold impressive real-world and first hand experiences and credentials in business-related fields. We’re incredibly enthusiastic with positive energy and we are well qualified to recommend steps and processes to assist your organization in achieving its stated goals.

We actually spend the time researching and developing best practices for improving our client's business efforts. We tailor our work to be the leader in providing innovative ideas and to ensure that our content remains relevant and contributes value FIRST.

Above all, we want to become your preferred organizational development provider and partner. Our strong commitment to earning our clients respect and confidence has enabled us to recruit some of the region’s most respected professionals, partners and client organizations.

As a result, our academic programs and signature BOOST CAMPS®  have become our trademark for success.

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