About the Young Professionals Leadership Academy

The Young Professionals Leadership Academy's (YPLA) BOOST CAMP® Forums are a worldwide initiative to groom tomorrow's leaders into dynamic professionals and mobilizers today. Our programs are designed to enhance social and professional skill development, provide positive role models, and give youth and young professionals a caring and supportive outlet. We help youth and young professionals learn life and career skills, become empowered to emerge into extraordinary professionals, leaders
and community change agents.

About the Young Professionals Boost CAMP® Forums

The Young Professionals Leadership Academy (YPLA) is held annually, and typically beginning in June with an opening retreat followed by four weeks of programs focused on personal leadership, career and entrepreneurship skill building, social and business etiquette and philanthropy.

Two sessions will be held during the month Saturday and Wednesday evening sessions.


The CAMP modules foster a culture of leadership, engagement, collaboration and empowerment.

At the YPLA we believe that empowerment is the key for improving self-awareness… not to just be successful, but to be "GREAT".

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Join the CAMP and connect, interface, and learn from engaging, enthusiastic, resourceful and seasoned professionals, businesses and community leaders.

As a participant in the YPLA you will:

  • Discover your unique talents and strengths as
    a employee and leader
  • Build confidents and learn how to make a lasting and captivating first impression
  • Enhance your communication skills and ability to lead, follow and work within a team
  • Find ways to become a connector (and be connected) in your community and have your voice heard in order to affect change
  • Set and learn how to achieve S.M.A.R.T. Goals for your life, career and future
  • Build an authentic network of supporters


As an employer, you will:

  • Build an  database of  trained and skilled employees living and working in their community engaged, professional and ready to work
  • Build employee loyalty and enhance retention in an effective and affordable way
  • Showcase your organization’s involvement in empowering the next generation of leaders through a premier leadership program


Benefits to the community:

  • An improved communications network that is cross-generational and connects civil, social, educational and business leaders in the community
  • Build a population of younger residents who, because of their increased connectivity, will develop strong relationships and influence within the community


Invite the YPLA Team into your City or State and began developing youth and young adults in your community to become tomorrow’s Leaders today!


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