Transform an ordinary day at work into

an EXTRAORDINARY day at work!

VSC is passionate about making workplaces across the globe as good as its promise. We believe that every leader has a unique set of skills, talents, and attitudes that, if leveraged properly, can be used to align their leadership style and skills with business priorities—and create a more engaged and productive workforce. Our Solutions Maximizing Brilliance (SMB) School of Leadership BOOST CAMP® is our core business service to assist organizations with making their mission possible.

Our SMB School of Leadership BOOST CAMP® services are designed to develop leaders and ignite enthusiasm, creativity, accountability, and determination to achieve success with and through others. Our seal says it all:

At VSC we teach leaders how to stretch outside of the traditional approach to leadership and provide tools to help you lead with impact, influence, and transparency. Through various customized curriculums, scenarios and exercises, and on- and -off site BOOST CAMP sessions, you will experience massive transformation. Our teaching topics include:

Your leaders can immediately apply lessons learned to develop stronger teams, build leadership techniques, and set priorities to gain a competitive edge and leave with a personal action plan. Overall, participants will learn how to engage, energize, and empower themselves and their teams.

Your organizations and leaders will:

  • Clarify their vision to embody purpose

  • Maximize personal and team value within an organization

  • Better align personal and team skills to business priorities

  • Identify and understand personal brand and style of leadership

  • Design ongoing personal practices to strengthen focus and resilience

  • Select key initiatives for proactive engagement and operational efficiency

  • Increase rapport with colleagues and their ability to coach and motivate others

  • Gain tools for creating and execute a course of action to produce lasting results

  • Recognize how leaders affect change and relationships through emotional intelligence

  • Create a roadmap for managing strategic partnerships internally and cross-functionally

About the boost camp team

Our BOOST CAMP® team members are intelligent and professional, and they hold impressive real-world and firsthand experiences and credentials in business-related fields. We are also enthusiastic, positive, and well qualified to recommend steps and processes that will assist your organization in achieving its stated goals. We have developed thousands of leaders across the globe by providing comprehensive and
up-to-date leadership practices designed to fit organizations of various sizes and types. Our paradigms operate across a variety of industries, economic sectors, and complexities—and we would be delighted to serve and work with you.