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About the POWER


This highly interactive book will guide you step-by-step through building a solid foundation to achieve greater professional success and fulfillment. As a group member, you will be connected with people who are inspired to take action, share useful ideas and tips on how to standout and get noticed within your profession, and learn about great places to work around the World!

POWER represents the might, force, energy, and ability to do something GRAND! When someone says you have lots of potential they are acknowledging your natural ability to EXCEL at something.

Read one Chapter a day then POST Click here to register 
We encourage everyone to post their results each day.

  • Summarize the chapter
  • What you learned about your self
  • How you are going to use what you have learned

By posting your results, you will also have the opportunity to be a part of a community of individuals working towards the same goal, be featured in our newsletter and placed in a drawing to be featured in a worldwide documentary video of extraordinary success stories.

Once you complete the 7 Day Challenge, you'll have a highly personalized action plan to achieve the career of your dreams. The talent is already inside you—all you need is a BOOST!

Complimentary One hour Coaching Session

Once you have completed all seven sections in your POWER book send a Partner in Success message to and receive a one hour complimentary coaching session with the author, Valerie D. W. Rowe.

Transforming an ordinary day at work
into an extraordinary day at work!

"Studies have shown that over 55% of
people are unhappy at work" Gallup Poll

  • Feeling stuck in your career?

  • Have you simply run out of gas in your career and
    need a helping hand to get yourself rolling again?

  • Did you know that 75-80% of all jobs and business
    leads are found though networking?

If you answered Yes…Join the Worldwide
POWER Your Potential BOOST CAMP®
7 Day Challenge to achieve greater
professional success and satisfaction.

BOOST is a mobilizer for reaching higher and the CAMP is the worldwide group that has been created to allow the transformation to take its form.

About our Linkedin Group

Our Linkedin Group is where extraordinary professionals convene, become empowered and emerge. This group is inspired by the book "POWER Your Potential Boost Camp: 7 Days to Professional Success and Satisfaction" written by Valerie D. W. Rowe, architect of accelerated learning for individuals and business professionals like yourself who are ready to break loose and reach your true potential by turning dead-end roads into POWERFUL paths of success. Click here to register 

Who should join?

ANYONE that is ready to advance in their current career or forge into new professional territory.

Membership is FREE!
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