VSC training helps young professionals build the skills and

confidence to excel in today's competitive and fast-paced job market!

As a participant in the YPLA, you will:

  • Discover unique talents and strengths

  • Pick up best practices from expert industry leaders

  • Learn how to make a captivating, lasting first impression

  • Build a confident and well-respected personal and professional brand

  • Experience leadership from the inside out to produce and achieve lasting results

  • Learn the art and practice of leadership from dynamic workshops, retreats, and mentors

  • Enhance personal communication skills and ability to lead, follow, and work within a team

  • Find ways to become a connector (and be connected) in the community in order to effect change

  • Develop a personal action plan for engaging, energizing, and empowering themselves, their careers, and their community

At the YPLA, we believe in fostering a culture of leadership, collaboration, and empowerment. Our training will inspire young leaders to be self-aware, inclusive, and ambitious. They won’t just be successful—they’ll be GREAT.